Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life Unexpected

I haven't written in a little while and today is definetly one of those days.  Renee and Eli are in Chicago with family and I'm in SC working and enduring the heat.  The plan was to spend the next couple weeks running and resting and looking forward to them coming back with Renee starting her career in nursing... plans have changed.

Back in February Renee was hospitalized due to pain and we found a cyst on her pancrease.  In hindsight I don't see any way we would have known about it beside the pain and resulting MRI.  Well after talked to a top surgeon the plan is now for Renee to go under the knife and rest up for about a month, me to drive up in two days to be with her and Renee and both of us to trust God's planning in all of this.  I am so very glad Renee is a nurse and understands some of the medical stuff but suffice it to say the doc thinks we don't need to worry but we do need to have it removed. 

Sitting here typing I am now realizing this will be one of the first stories I will ask the Lord about in heaven.  The story will not be over until Renee is back home, but there are three or four parts of this story that have either been ordained by God or as Susan Collins would say, "The odds are ever in our favor,"  I have faith in the former.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Settle for a slow down

A lot has changed in these past few weeks.

1. Eli is now a month old...and definitely out of newborn clothes. Hello growing boy.
2. My mom came and stayed for a week. She conquered organizing our apartment, cooked and cleaned for us. Huge blessing.
3. Eli laughed for the first time and had huge smiles.
4. I passed my nursing boards!

As Errik mentioned, it has seemed like the world around us continues to go on while we are in our own little worlds. I am completely okay with that. Ever since coming home from the hospital, I have tried spending most of Eli's sleeping moments studying for my nursing boards...completely sleep deprived and really just wanting to stare at my beautiful baby boy. My mom allowed me to put a little more focus into my exam and was a huge help! Those next 2 days after taking it were the most stressful days of my life. Once I learned that I passed, weight was lifted off and I finally felt like I could enjoy being with my baby boy.  I didn't have a care in the world. I was able to play, laugh and hold Eli without feeling like I had get back to studying as soon as I could.

Eli seems to be getting the hang of this thing called life. He even sleeps for 4-5 hours through the night! (Thanks Eli!) He absolutely loves being outside although time is limited due to increasing temps. I look forward to heading to Chicago in a few weeks and just continuing to hang out with my little man who seems to bring me so much more joy than I have ever could imagine.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

9 Days Old. I could be wrong from lack of sleep though

 Well here we are moving through our 2nd week with Eli.  I just brought Aspen home to meet him and so far he doesn't quite know what to think.  We shall see how he does once Eli starts making some noise.  Probably the hardest part is figuring out how to get Eli to sleep at night.  More specifically how to fall back asleep after feeding or a diaper change. 

Tomorrow I start back at work and the real fun begins.  I'm not sure how that will go, but so far it has all been a lesson on trusting God and being flexible.  One of the biggest changes for me is the major slow down of life in general.  It feels like the world is still moving but our life is in slow motion a little bit.  I hope once work starts and we get a bit more settled in we can rejoin the rest of the world and start introducing Eli to it. 

Now I'm off to change another diaper and maybe get a nap in before Eli spends a couple hours tonight being awake.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 5

Welcome to the world, Eli Monroe Goodman! FINALLY!!!

Life here in the Goodman household has drastically changed. All for the good. After 24 hours of labor (why did I expect anything less...he is part Gustafson/Riba), he arrived a beautiful 7 lbs and 15 oz. and 20.5 inches long. He is the most beautiful and perfect gift we could have ever asked for. You really don't understand a mother and father's love for you until you can experience it yourself.

First Family Photo

 We have been so blessed by everyone...bringing meals, praying for our transition to life at home and asking to help out. We truly feel that we have found our home away from home. We can't wait for him to meet everyone, especially our dog Aspen who has been staying with friends of ours. That too has been a HUGE blessing for us. Thanks so much. We hope to use our blog to keep everyone updated with our life here in South Carolina as we hit milestones, continue to grow and experience different things of the south all together! Love you all.

No swaddling these arms!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life As We Know It

Nursing School. check. Graduation. Check. Almost 38 Weeks Pregnant. Check. Nursing Boards. In Progress.

One week post graduation and I feel like I am just on spring break. I have been frantically getting the "nursery" ready and the rest of the house organized in preparation for Baby G. It's a tall task that I surely didn't think would be this monstrous. Most people spend 7-9 months preparing...I have spent the past...2-3 weeks. However, my mother and father came down for my graduation.  My mother spent 48 hours speed organizing and running a bazillion errands (yes, with her 9 month pregnant daughter in tow but I survived...barely). It was nothing short of amazing. I could not sit here and concentrate more on my boards coming up without her incredible help.  He is coming ready or not and I feel content even though everything isn't exactly where I want it to be. Ehhh.

Just like Errik...I am ready for a schedule change. Our lives have been so hectic and busy with studying, church, school, normal life, working. I am ready for a more "normal" schedule. Yes, I understand a baby changes a "normal" schedule but for the first few weeks to months...I completely welcome chilling in my pjs with babe in tow all day long. (I will look back on this in a few weeks and say HA...I can never sit for more than two days in my pjs at home unless im deathly ill). Lots of things about to change around here. New job. New schedule. New little life to take care of.

I have been feeling great the last 2 weeks. Tired at times. Yes. But no worse than what nursing school put me through! There was this quote I saw online that said "nursing school is a lot like birth, once it's over, you forget how painful the process really was."  As I graduated...I thought to the heck did I make it through. The answer is family, friends and some professors that kept pushing me through. Errik was truly a blessing over the last 3 years and just couldn't have made it this far without him. We are so excited to see what the next few weeks, months and year will look like. Still a blank slate but that's ok for now.

But listen Baby G, I would really like to take my nursing boards before you come. That, my love, is one request that I have. Love, Mom

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Times... they are a-changing

So with our little man getting closer and closer to his birthday I am thinking about all the extra time I will have. It seems strange to think this way but there is a reason for it. For whatever reason Renee and I have a penchant for keeping our weekly schedules full to the point where we normally have 1 or 2 evenings free per week. Between serving at Olive Garden, attending our small group, and working with the youth at our church I currently get Friday evening to myself...sort of.

I think one of the things I am looking forward to with the baby is taking a break from all of this. Granted both of us working helps with not having to serve at the OG, but it has been a long time coming since having such an open plate. I'm looking forward to playing with and reading to the little man and learning how to be a good dad.

So what will I do with all this time? I suppose I will do some more reading. I enjoy stories and only wish I spent more time when I was younger in books. I hope I can pass this on to my son as well. Regardless of what my weeks look like, I just know they won't look a lot different.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well it looks like I'm averaging a post every two weeks or so. I suppose that isn't too bad although for as much time as I spend thinking about everything under the sun you would think I'd have more to say.

Anyhow, the start of 2012 has been rather stressful. I will never take for granted those times in life when life seems to move past you without a hitch. Renee and I have so very much to be thankful for and I think I need to remember that in the stressful moments. So far this year we will have or have had: 1 baby being born, 1 graduation, 1 changing job situation (Renee being done with school), problems with pet health (aspen is ok), and decisions in living arrangements and future child care arrangement.

There are at least two or three of the most stressfull events people go through in there and we are two months in.

I sure am glad we can trust in the Lord with all these things. We have always had difficulty trying to discern where and what God would have us do and sometimes it seems like He is saying, Don't worry about all that, right now you just have to trust me in the small things.

In other news, here are a few things we've been doing to keep ourselves sane: reading books, trying to exercise, hanging out with friends, talking with family, dabbling in writing, trying to do quality work in our big-kid jobs and eating ice cream (Renee's OB told her to eat more milkshakes haha)